Hello, we are trib3s.

We are here

to help you thrive

in a connected world.

In the ever-evolving digital society, thriving means effectively navigating change. At trib3s, we provide you with the tools and expertise you need to embark on your journey of digital transformation. Our collaborative work processes are designed to ensure your success every step of the way.

With decades of expertise and our proven Trib3s Framework, we help you cultivate a mindset of innovation and participation. Our community-first approach supports your digital growth, ensuring your organization is future-proof and strategically positioned to seize new opportunities.


At trib3s, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our services are designed to drive digital transformation, co-create groundbreaking solutions, and ignite your team's passion for continuous growth and creativity.

Collaborative Consulting

Through collaborative work processes, we partner with you to drive your digital transformation, redefine your strategy, and unlock your team's creative potential.

Fusion Projects

We unite diverse players to co-create groundbreaking solutions. From initial idea to prototyping and development, our fusion projects drive innovation through synergy.

Inspiration and Education

Spark your team's passion for innovation with our dynamic keynotes and empowering workshops. We give you a glimpse into the future and inspire fresh ideas.


Integral to the Trib3s Framework, our tools provide deep insights and strategic guidance for navigating complex business environments. They help you identify key dynamics and anticipate behaviors, driving effective decision-making.

Community Value Model

The Community Value Model enables us to characterize communities based on their values, providing insights into underlying dynamics and allowing us to anticipate their actions and behaviors.

Context Map

The Context Map visually identifies and aligns key topics, stakeholders, and emotional dynamics within a company's environment, making it an essential tool for defining strategic fields of action in complex business ecosystems.


Every journey begins with a first step. Or a jump, if you prefer. No matter where your company stands in its digital transformation journey, we will find the perfect launching point for our collaboration.

Let us ignite the spark of innovation and help you envision new possibilities. Our keynotes and inspirational workshops are designed to stimulate thinking and foster a culture of creativity.


Kickstart your progress with us through engaging workshops that quickly build the understanding needed to address challenges and achieve successful outcomes. We available to answer your questions, provide an outside perspective, exchange ideas, and explore possible ways forward with you.


No need to transform the whole company at once. Let's start with a pilot project and achieve early success. We begin with sprints to generate new ideas and move forward.


Are you ready to jump in with both feet? Together, we will conduct a comprehensive situational analysis, identify the necessary competencies, key action areas, and potential solutions for your future success with us. Set the course for tomorrow.



Trib3s Foundation is a framework for digital transformation that helps organizations thrive in a connected world. It features a strategic core that defines essential brand elements and an agile workflow that fosters collaboration and decentralized working methods within the organization.

Brand Core

The Brand Core encompasses the purpose of a brand, its values, and its culture. It's who it is and why it exists.

Brand Personality

The Brand Personality gives the brand a distinctive character and guides it in its interactions with people.

Brand Story

The Brand Story defines the narratives the brand tells and the experiences people have with the brand.

Organisational Workflow

Decentralized workflows make the organization agile, responsive, and self-learning in an ever-changing landscape.